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 Photo: Jean Prall Rosolino
“Language arts, particularly storytelling, is an important part of our program and we value this opportunity for the children to see live theatre. They were very attentive, rarely turning their eyes or ears from the stage.”
preschool teacher
A Child's Place
Lincroft, NJ

 Photo: Jean Prall Rosolino

“The performance was a major highlight of our library's Summer Reading Program and it was a tremendous success. Everyone here is still hearing compliments about the performance. Thanks so much for providing such a terrific service, and for sending such dynamic, fun performers our way.”
Sophie R. Brookover
Youth Services Librarian
Mount Laurel Library

Ages 3-8 years
preschool to 2nd grade


Two Marys, Five Jacks and One Very Big Shoe



A Clever Retelling of the Rhymes of Mother Goose
Dramatized by Joey Madia
Produced by Youth Stages, LLC
costumes and props by Eloise Bruce
directed by Jean Prall Rosolino

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe had so many children she didn't know... how to get them to sleep! Wee Willy Winkie encourages his brothers and sisters (the children in the audience) to talk mom into some bedtime rhymes. Your young children will remain wide awake as they recite, sing, finger-play, and act a number of nursery rhymes with Youth Stages performers, Ana Kalet and Jim Folly. We'll have your children and you looking at Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes in a whole new light!

    Running time: 40 minutes

    Availability: Monday through Friday
    (evenings and weekends by special arrangement)

    Maximum audience size: 175 children per performance
    (An additional fee of $100 will be charged if audiences exceed 175)
    This show, Two Marys, Five Jacks and One Very Big Shoe, can be performed in an all-purpose or function room with the audience seated on the floor.

    Cost: $425.00 one show
    $750.00 two shows (same location, same day)
    Travel: $45.00 minimum (or 55/mile round trip travel if more)

     Download the Two Marys, Five Jacks and One Very Big Shoe Study Guide (709 KB)

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