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“The children loved it! They were really into the show! It was a great twist on the story to have the kids be the main character. Great actors!! They were very animated and kept the children's attention. “

Tina Hess, preschool parent Sand Hills Preschool

 Youth Stages, LLC

“The children were engaged, excited, had fun. They understood the story and their role and followed along with the actors. Most content was geared for the kids, but had a few "adult" jokes to make it fun. Great job overall! Good costumes. Great actors. “

James Palanacki, preschool parent, Princeton NJ

 Youth Stages, LLC

“Great. A+ This is my 3 year old's first play. He thoroughly enjoyed it and participated in it too. Excellent! TOO GOOD FOR WORDS. I WISH I WAS PART OF YOUR GROUP, TOO.

Archana Sundaram, parent, Monmouth Junction, NJ

ages 3-5 years

Little Red Riding Hood

by Joey Madia

Youth Stages brings it’s signature style to new heights in our production of Little Red Riding Hood. The audience, collectively, plays the title role! That’s right! Your children are Little Red Riding Hood and Youth Stages’ talented actors play a loving Mother, a tricky Grandmother, a rockin’ Wolf, and an all-new lovable and kooky relative, Auntie Robin. Join us as we take a not-so-scary walk in the woods!

Little Red Riding Hood is performed in an all-purpose or function room with the audience sitting on the floor.

    Running time: 30 minutes

    Maximum audience size: 125 children per performance
    (An additional fee of $100 will be charged if audiences exceed 125)

  • $425.00 one show
  • $750.00 two shows (same location, same day)
  • Travel $45.00 minimum (or 55˘/mile round trip travel if more)

  • Little Red Riding Hood Study Guide
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