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“The actors do a terrific job at getting the children's attention and having them interact throughout the play. A few of them were so involved that they were actually interjecting lines on their own! The costumes and set gave a "feel" for the story but also left room for the children to use their imagination. They could certainly identify with the themes of "princesses" and "genies."
Susan Hickson, Director
Sand Hills Preschool
Monmouth Junction

 Tarantino Photography

“An absolutely great program for children's active participation in dramatic play and storytelling. The children were attentive, excited, and very interested.”
Carol Deola
Director All Kids First Preschool, Vineland

 Ages 3-9 years

Preschool to 3rd grade

Genies, Lamps and Dreams: Tales of the Arabian Nights

written by Joey Madia

directed by Jean Prall Rosolino
sets and costumes by Nancy Jean McBride
starring: Ana Kalet and Jim Folly
produced by Youth Stages, LLC

Imagine yourself on a flying carpet traveling back in time! In this all-new telling of the tales of the Arabian Nights, Youth Stages will transport you to the Sultan's palace in the Persian Empire in 803 AD. Debby Stewart and Jim Folly recreate the tales of The Genie and the Fisher Woman, Sinbad the Sailor, Aladdin and the Genie, and Ali Baba and the Sticky Thieves! With a great deal of audience participation, Youth Stages makes these tales accessible to young children as they become bakers and birds, fish and frogs, and doors that say "Open Sesame!"

    Running time: 40 minutes

    Availability: Monday through Friday
    (evenings and weekends by arrangement)

    Maximum audience size: 175 children per performance
    (An additional fee of $100 will be charged if audiences exceed 175)

    This show, Genies, Lamps and Dreams: Tales of the Arabian Nights can be performed in an all-purpose or function room with the audience seated on the floor.

    Cost: $425.00 one show
    $750.00 two shows (same location, same day)
    Travel: $45.00 minimum (or 55/mile round trip travel if more)

     Download the Genies, Lamps, and Dreams Study Guide (704 KB)

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