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 Photo: Jean Prall Rosolino
“I thought that the acting and staging were great. This program spoke to productive interpersonal relationships, problem solving, and fable study. The children enjoyed their participatory role.”
Michael Cox,
Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart

 Photo: Jean Prall Rosolino

“The children were absorbed and attentive and participated very well in the audience-interaction segments. They had good ideas and were very responsive. The actors [performed] with humor, vitality, and clarity- and I enjoyed it immensely!”
Carol Bollini, children's librarian,
Ramsey Public Library

Ages 3-9
Preschool to 3rd grade



Aesop and the Bully--A Fable for Our Times


written by: Joey Madia
inspired by: Aesop's fables
directed by: K. Desmond Mosley/restaged by Jean Prall Rosolino
starring: Jim Folly and Ana Kalet
masks by: Rebecca Kelly
costumes by: Jean Prall Rosolino
commissioned and produced by: Youth Stages, LLC

What should you do when faced with a bully? This new treatment of Aesop fables is set in a small Greek village in 600 BC. Demetra and the children of the Academy, the audience, are threatened by Diabom the village bully. Aesop arms his friend Demetra with the skills and techniques she needs to stand up for herself by enacting The North Wind and the Sun, The Tortoise and the Hare, and Androcles and the Lion...with special attention to The Golden Rule. Children will love participating in this original show!

    Running time: 40 minutes

    Availability: Monday through Friday
    (evenings and weekends by special arrangement)

    Maximum audience: 175 children per performance (An additional fee of $100 will be charged if audiences exceed 175)

    Cost: $425.00 one show
    $750.00 two shows (same location, same day)
    Travel: $45.00 minimum (or 55/mile round trip travel if more)

     Download the Aesop Study Guide (709 KB)
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