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Youth Stages looks good to me!  “The artist was wonderful—totally professional—gentle but definitely in control! We plan to have Youth Stages visit our school at least once a year!”
Cindy Chessler
Nassau Nursery School, Princeton

Youth Stages, LLC

Youth Stages is an exciting arts-in-education organization representing professional actor-educators and providing creative drama and theatre arts programming for schools, libraries, museums, after-school programs, recreation departments, scout troops, community centers, and places of worship.

Youth Stages actor-educators are professional teaching artists who utilize their unique combination of theatre experience and education experience to nurture each child's individuality while maintaining classroom discipline.

Youth Stages brings the performing arts to your educational program! A Youth Stages actor-educator works with you to create lesson plans specific to your programming needs, then comes to your location and leads your young people in exciting acting and theatre exercises. Students actively participate in visual arts, music, movement, storytelling, and drama activities bringing learning to life! Creative drama activities involve all children, from gifted and talented youngsters to those with physical or mental disabilities.

A Youth Stages session is individualized to your group. Each lesson is created to meet your unique programming needs. Since the input and creativity of the participants forms the dramatic enactment, every experience is different in every situation. Youth Stages actor-educators take an interdisciplinary approach to their teaching. They employ creative drama and theatre techniques across the curriculum, tying in with New Jersey's Core Curriculum Content Standards, so you can expect to see many of the following activities take place with your group:

  • Vocal warm-ups and dialogue exercises to increase verbal communication (Language Arts)
  • Pantomime and other movement activities to enhance physical communication (Physical education)
  • Dramatization of intangible objects and concepts to promote problem-solving skills and playing with possibilities (Science)
  • Drawing and other visual arts projects to increase visualization skills (Visual Arts)
  • Theatre games in small and large groups to create a sense of ensemble (Performing Arts)
  • Individual acting to encourage concentration and an awareness of self (Performing Arts)
  • Discussion of time, place, and historical accuracy to enrich character development (Social Studies)
  • Cooperative learning techniques to encourage respect for individual input (Cross Content Workplace Readiness)
  • Inclusion of other languages in scenes to increase believability of character (World Languages)
  • Blocking, stage movement, and geographic layout of space to develop aesthetic stage pictures (Performing Arts)
  • Group discussions to process what participants have learned (Language Arts)
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